Coffee Aura Logo

Project Description

This is a cafe shop started by a friend of mine, and I tried to contribute something to his determination.

Since he got certain sense about design, to some extent, his character is more likely a partner. Through this page, I also would like to record the process of how we cooperate. I suppose it would be a good reference for my future client, partner, and myself. The visual elements he asked are only cup and Kikyo flower, which is a very common flower symbols in traditional Japanese society. But we also tried to add a little but sense of story by the ripple.

I tried to develop the logo by my favorite design methodology, design iteratively. In other words, in each week I reflect the old design, refine my design based on my friends’s opinions, conduct survey, prototyping, send prototypes to my friend. It could be observed that there is a convergence in the sequence, which implies we have more conclusions. And the differences in latter part of the sequence are all about detail. Such as the shapes of leaves, flower, or shadow, reflection of cup, layout…


Research Progress



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