Luàn Project

Luàn 亂
confusion, state of chaos; create chaos

Dance4 are collaborating with dance artist Lucia Tong and Nottingham Trent University MA students to create an immersive and interactive installation. We are currently exploring the meaning of Luàn and how responses can be created through movement, installation, photography and textiles.

© Photo and installation appearance design by Hinako

In this project, I made an interactive sound installation which generate 5 different types of Chinese style melody by swinging the ceramics hanging down from the ceiling. The technologies involved are Max/Msp and Phidget.

The challenge of this installation was to make it simple to operate along with rich feedback. Furthermore, I attempt to hide the sensors away from where the audience can see which might provide a novel experience in terms of interactive installation. All of these concerns lead me to choose accelerometers for this project, by which I can sense the force from user interaction in a certain distance.


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